2016 Furry Convention Schedule

Here is a schedule of Furry and Furry-friendly conventions around the world for 2016. Furry conventions are a great place to meet other Furry fans, buy artwork, attend workshops, and more!

Jan 7-11, 2016
Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)

Jan 8-10, 2016
Japan Meeting of Furries
Toyohashi, Aichi (Japan)

Jan 14-18, 2016
Further Confusion
San Jose, California

Jan 21-24, 2016
Anthro New England
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Feb 13, 2016
Furboliche IV – Halloween Furry
São Bernardo do Campo (Brazil)

Feb 26-28, 2016
Fur Squared
Brookfield, Wisconsin

Mar 3-6, 2016
Stockholm, (Sweden)

Mar 3-6, 2016
Vancouver , British Columbia (Canada)

Mar 9-13, 2016
Gdańsk,, Pomorskie Voivodeship (Poland)

Mar 11-13, 2016
Furry Fiesta
Dallas, Texas

Mar 18-20, 2016
Furnal Equinox
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Mar 18-20, 2016
Hampton, Virginia

Mar 31-Apr 3, 2016
Furry Weekend Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Apr 8-10, 2016
Fur the ‘More
Tysons Corner, Virginia

Apr 8-11, 2016
Motor City Furry Con
Novi, Michigan

Apr 21-26, 2016
Wild Nights
Robbers Cave State Park, Oklahoma

May 4-8, 2016
Kiev, (Ukraine)

May 5-8, 2016
Columbus, Ohio

May 6-8, 2016
Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

May 12-15, 2016
Biggest Little Fur Con
Reno, Nevada

May 13-15, 2016
Gateway FurMeet
St. Louis, Missouri

May 20-22, 2016
What The Fur
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

May 27-31, 2016
Birmingham, (United Kingdom)

May 27-29, 2016
Portland, Oregon

May 27-29, 2016
Great Lakes Fur Con
Grand Rapids, Michigan

May 27-29, 2016
Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia)

Jun 3-5, 2016
Irvine, California

Jun 16-19, 2016
FinFur Animus
Tuusula, Uusimaa (Finland)

Jun 30-Jul 3, 2016
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jul 6-10, 2016
Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, Vysočina Regionn (Czech Republic)

Aug 4-8, 2016
Campfire Tails
La Pine, Oregon

Aug 5-7, 2016
Orlando, Florida

Aug 12-14, 2016
Rocky Mountain Fur Con
Denver, Colorado

Aug 17-21, 2016
Berlin (Germany)

Aug 25-29, 2016
Camp Feral!
Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

Aug 26-28, 2016
Indianapolis, Indiana

Sep 2-4, 2016
Mephit Fur Meet
Olive Branch, Mississippi

Sep 9-11, 2016
Furry Migration
Bloomington, Minnesota

Sep 15-18, 2016
Rochester, New York

Sep 30-Oct 2, 2016
Perth (Western Australia)

Oct 7-9, 2016
Fur Reality
Cincinnati, Ohio

Oct 7-9, 2016
Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Oct 28-30, 2016
Cromwell, Connecticut

Nov 4-7, 2016
Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend
San Jose, California

Dec 2-4, 2016
Midwest FurFest
Rosemont, Illinois

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