Furry Mailing Lists

Find new Furry friends near you! There are many regional area mailing lists used for general discussion of furries and Furry fandom. They also can be used to plan local Furry gatherings or discussing news of upcoming conventions.

Some mailing lists sponsor weekly or monthly meetings, which is a great way to meet fellow furry fans outside of the hectic convention environment.

The regional furry mailing lists are listed below alpabetically according to group name.

BAF: Bay Area Furry Mailing List
The Bay Area Furry Mailing List (BAF) is a place to make announcements, start discussions, and hopefully not flame too much on the topic of the Bay Area (SF, south bay, east bay, north bay) furry fandom. Discussion includes announcements of public gatherings, like movie openings; coordination of room parties for the local conventions; questions and Answers about where to get furry comic books; general chitchat.

CarolinaFurs is a mailing list for all the furry fans in North and South Carolina. It’s set up so furs and furry fans can chat and discuss furry events around the area, new artists, or whatever else they wish to discuss.

Are you a fur and live in Colorado? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions this is the list for you. This list was constructed for those furries in Colorado who wish to find others who are like themselves, to get to know them and just have fun . It is intended to be a general audience groups for all ages and the content should be kept as such.

Florida Furs
A mailing list for furry fans in Florida.

Houston Furries Meetup Group
A group for meeting other anthropomorphic animal enthusiasts, fursuiters, furry artists, furry conventionists, furry role-players in Houston, TX.

Jacksonville Furs
A list for all Furries currently living in the Jacksonville/St.Augustine area. “What is a furry?” you ask. Furries are primarily fans of artwork, movies, comics and stories featuring anthropomorphic animals.

Kansas City Furries
We’re the Kansas City contingent of the folks who call ourselves Furries.

Lake Area Furry Friends (LAFF)
Lake Area Furry Friends (LAFF) is a mailing list for furs in the southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois, or anyone who would like to hear about activities in this area or send information to furs in this area. We use this mailing list to plan events and gatherings so local furs can go out and have some fun!

A discussion group for furry fans in Minnesota.

New England Furry Event Announcements is a mailing list for announcements of happenings that may be of interest to furs in the New England area. The mailing list has been in existence since November 1996.

NH Furs
The Great North Woods Furry Mailing list is designed to give the furries of New Hampshire and New England an easy way to communicate.

The Northern Virginia Fur Group (NoVAFur) is for any “furry” (Lifestylers, Animal Spiritualists, Anthropomorhics, Dragons, Anime Cat Girls, Retiles, Fish, etc., and fans) in the general Northern Virginia Area near Washington DC. All are welcome to join from any location, especially Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. While NoVAFur is intended as a meeting and exchange forum for Northern Virginia fur lifestylers, all others (mates, fur fans, Artists, Writers, etc) are welcome to join the group in its discussions, activities and events.

Orlando Furs
Orlando Furs (OFURS) is the premiere anthropomorphic enthusiasts club for Orlando, Florida! Join us to discuss and participate in upcoming furry events!

Ohio Furs
Serving Ohio’s furry community since 1998, Ohio Furs provides notices about upcoming furry get-togethers within Ohio and the surrounding areas, as well as a list of Ohio-area furs.

The Pennsylvania Furry mailing list, or PA-Furry for short, is primarily for furries who live in the Pennsylvania area to gather online and chat about local events, furry gatherings, and the fandom in general.

Palm Beach Furries
The Palm Beach Furries are a small but bustling groups of furs and we encompass the following three counties: Palm Beach, Martin and Saint Lucie. We have furmeets once a month and are afiliated with Orlando Furries. New to furry? Not a problem! Our group is open to everyone whether it be young, old, black or white. So, stop in and say “hi” you never know who you might find here.

Puget Sound Furries Guild
The Puget Sound Furries Guild (PSFG) is a mailing list dedicated to the furs of the northwestern United States, primarily centered around the Puget Sound area of Washington. The Puget Sound is a large body of water adjacent to Seattle and Tacoma that stretches many dozens of miles out to the ocean, and is dotted with many beautiful islands.

Southern California Furry Mailing List (SoCalFurs)
A mailing list focusing on the furs of Southern California which discusses local events and conventions such as Further Confusion and San Diego Comic Con.

South West Virginia Furries Meetup Group
A group to meet other furries in South West Virginia, whether anthropomorphic animal enthusiasts, fursuiters, furry artists, furry conventionists, furry role-players this is your chance to meet and have fun.

Texas Area Furry Friends
A mailing list for furry fans in Texas.

TN Fur
An open and friendly group of Tennessee furries who talk about and discuss anything furry.

Vermont Furs
A group for Vermont furs, who may be small in number, but big in heart! This group was created to put together the number of furries there are in Vermont.

A group/mailing list for furries in the following areas: Washington Des Moines, Renton, Kent, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, (Puget Sound), Oregon Portland, Hillsboro, Tigard, etc… and any other places in the Pacific North West that may contain other furries. A place for furries (fans of anthro-animal art, fiction, mascotting, etc.) to discuss things such as events and conventions.

Indiana furries! Are you a fan of anthropomorphic critters, and are also based in the Hoosier state? This is a discussion list that we hope will help them get together.

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