There were two great articles about Furry fans in the news recently:

  • January 29, 2010: Furry Characters Come To Life in the Payson Roundup is an article about enterprising teenage fursuit designer Deanna Biesemeyer. She donated her skills to create Woody, the mascot for a local food drive. More of her work can be seen at SkyPro Fursuits.

Many thanks to Orion Sandstorrm for finding these!


Unleash the furry! Furries make everything better!

Furries make everything better! The original image came from Failblog, but we decided to unleash the furry on it, because furries turn Fail into Win!

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Long time no update. Just wanted to mention UCLA’s Daily Bruin has a good article on furry fandom: Hidden Tales: Long misunderstood furry fandom finds its home on the Internet, at annual conventions. It focuses on two UCLA students, Ian Martyn and Brett Mommaerts, and gives an accurate overall picture of the fandom. This is the sort of article we like to see more of.


Furries have made it into the Guinness Book Of World Records! According to the 2008 book, Anthrocon is ‘largest furry fan club’, due to the 2,489 attendees at the 2006 convention. That record has already been broken by 2007 total attendance of 2,849. Here’s hoping the world’s largest furry convention breaks the record again in 2008!


Pointing out the positive press furries get is a thankless job, but someone’s gotta do it. So I guess I will.

Rocky Mountain Fur Con got mentioned not once but twice in the news last month.

On another note, LatinVixen’s video featuring a bunch of fursuiters dancing around an Escalade (I assume at MFF last year) made it onto BoingBoing, The Directory Of Wonderful Things.

And this just in, a brief mention of furries at Walt Disney World. The Orlando theme park has added costumed characters to promote the movie Ratatouille, which opens in theaters June 29th.


We’re back! Well, sort of. Just a quick update for the moment to draw your attention to our sister website, Furries Online, dedicated to bringing you news and information about furry fandom. Yay, furries!

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